My pet moose

Ransom Riggs

Well actually, not mine. This was submitted by an anonymous lurker on The Cellar, along with this explanation: "When this little guy was young he lost his mother too soon. So the Fish and Game brought him to Wendall and Debbie. They asked them to get him raised to a safe age to turn him loose again. So they bottle fed and took care of him; after a while they fed him with their cows. Stayed gone all summer; then this fall he was back with the cows. He really thinks he is a cow for now, all were happy to see him as he is pretty friendly."

My good friend Chris has a similar, but somewhat more frightening story: when he and his sister were growing up outside of Reno, a neighbor down the street had a baby mountain lion as a pet. It had wandered in through their cat door one day, no lion parents in sight, and the neighbors raised and nursed it. Chris and his sister would play with the baby mountain lion -- but soon it grew, and within a year, was full-sized. These kids were four and six years old, respectively, and playing with a full-grown mountain lion -- until, that is, the lion charged Chris' sister, pinned her to the ground and clamped its jaws around her throat, wagging its tail playfully all the while. (Their parents put the kibosh on such fun and games after that.)

Anyone else owned or interacted with less-than-normal pets? We'd love to hear about it (unless you're Paris Hilton; we've seen quite enough of your baby kinkajou monkey, thankyouverymuch).