Three Things I Didn't Know About Three's Company

Jason English

I just completed my first non-blog mental_floss project. I'll save the details for later, except to say it was a five-week accelerated PhD program in peripheral knowledge. So I'll be sharing some of the obscure facts I picked up here, three at a time. Three Things I Didn't Know About __________. Today's blank is Three's Company.

"¢ In the opening credits of season six, a little boy is seen waddling up to Janet as she feeds a deer. That boy is John's son Jason Ritter, who would grow up to play Kevin Girardi on Joan of Arcadia and Ethan Haas on The Class.

"¢ Heather Locklear auditioned for the role of Cindy Snow (the second blond roommate).

"¢ The Three's Company theme song was composed by Joe Raposo. Raposo also wrote the Sesame Street theme.

There you go. Quick and painless. Possible future topics include The Academy Awards, President John Tyler, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, and Goldman Sachs.