Office Liability

Jason English

"If an executive learns that a regional manager has sponsored a bachelor party in the warehouse, hired a stripper, offered to 'deflower' the bride, taken an employee to a sex store, received a lap dance, and allowed a pervert dressed up like Benjamin Franklin to make a lewd statement to the receptionist, she should fire him. As soon as possible. Anything else and the company is looking at significant liability."

So says labor and employment attorney Julie Elgar. Julie writes That's What She Said, a blog that breaks down each episode of The Office from a corporate liability standpoint. She estimates the litigation value of the episode described above is over $800,000.

Great idea for a site, and great advertising for her practice. Like any self-respecting attorney, she has a disclaimer page. The fourth of seven conditions for reading explains, "If you send me an email or postal mail at the addresses on this site, I will try to respond. However, I reserve the right not to respond to your message and have no liability for failing to respond."

The next time a Ben Franklin impersonator offers me a lap dance (at work), she'll be my first call.

[Via Dan Mitchell and The New York Times]