Wear insanely cute spandex tubes...Especially good for keeping them "tight-hided" and dirt-free until show time.

Being born is hard enough, but if you're a lamb growing up on the tundra, you're going to be fighting hypothermia on the off-times you don't have your full coat.

If these dears are awakening a long-buried breeder's urge, it'll be heartening to learn they're quite affordable: you can buy commercial ewes for $30-$125/head. Dr. Helen A. Schwartz recommends asking: 

"Are these sheep productive?" (Ask to see records)

"Are there signs of foot rot?"

Also, make sure they aren't:

ram"off in the mouth" or have "parrot mouth" overbite (left)







"down on their pasterns" (example--c.) pastern





                                        "have a turned-in eyelid" aka entropion (example in chow)chw

But if you're just doing it just to bring an insomniac's cure to life, you might want to reconsider. According to Dr. Allison Harvey in this study, the cliche has no power over sleepless nights.

"Counting sheep is just too mundane to effectively keep worries away," says Harvey.