The Audubon Nature of a Few Great Cities...


Happy Friday.

San Francisco

THE BIRD: Wild parrots

THE ISSUE: the liability of two rotting Monterey cyprusses on Telegraph Hill

THE ADVOCATE: Mark Bittner, made the documentary & threw himself in front of the chainsaws

pale /

THE BIRD: The red-tailed hawk; specifically, Pale Male & Lola

THE ISSUE: Upward mobility; when PM decided to nest in an UES building vs. a tree, it was kind of a big deal.

THE ADVOCATE: Mary Tyler Moore

gr /

THE BIRD: Grackles

THE ISSUE: Straight from the magnolia trees & into everyone's business

THE ADVOCATE: Gloria Roemer, a spokeswoman for Harris County Judge Robert Eckels. "If we leave them alone, they leave us alone."

chickencross /

THE BIRD: Chickens

THE ISSUE: They lived under the Vineland Ave. off-ramp on the 101. Discovered in the 70s, their ontology is murky; they became a commute staple until they were ousted by the Dept. of Animal Regulation and relocated to Simi Valley. Now they're more of an urban legend, though sightings persist.

THE ADVOCATE: Steve Harvey