Jason English

Not a great week for JetBlue. While there were isolated reports of the esteemed airline's positive handling of weather-related delays, not much goodwill was engendered with all the cancellations.

I've never had the pleasure of flying JetBlue, but I've heard all the glowing praise. They dominated the 2006 J.D. Power customer satisfaction rankings. So they must have a penchant for being on time, right?

Not so, says the FlightStats carrier performance summary (PDF here). In December, JetBlue finished dead last out of forty airlines, with only 63.5% of flights arriving on-time. In fact, 15.9% of delays were "Excessive" (over forty-five minutes), which was also the worst.

For the record, Aloha Airlines won the gold, with 91.6% of flights on-time. Delta was the highest-ranked major carrier, in fifth place with 80.4%.

FlightStats is a pretty powerful tool. I'm flying from Newark to Durham in two months, and will now put Aloha Airlines at the top of my consideration set. Oh, right.

So, anyone get stuck on the tarmac last week? Let's also open up the floor for any bad travel stories. Air it out.