February: Also National Canned Food Month


That's right. Can it. Canned food advocates are rolling up their sleeves this month and crashing all those raw food potlucks. 

If you've enjoyed some canned classics recently, you'll want to give a quick salute to Napoleon, who bribed all of France to surface a quality inventor. Enter Nicolas Appert, who pocketed the Francs after logging 14 years behind a workbench littered with glass, wax, and wire.

Canning is clearly more popular, but what about pickling, smoking, and drying? They don't have their own months yet, so if you're holding out for a marathon of smoked pork you're out of luck, but if you regroup and feel the urge for something pickled or dried, here's your best bet:

July--National Pickle Month

October--National Pickled Peppers Month

January--Dried Plum Breakfast Month

But while we've got some time left in February, here's a perky FAQ that explains the nuances of "hissing" provoked by opening cans.

And about that botulism...