Unlike O'Henry's classic short story, in which a woman who sells her hair to buy a gold watch chain for her husband only to find that he has sold his watch to buy her a set of combs, the tale of Britney's Hair is a bit less touching. Fresh out of rehab, she wandered into a random hair salon north of Los Angeles last Friday and, for reasons known only to her, had her head shaved. The stunned salon owners promptly tried to sell the hair on eBay -- along with the clippers used to do the deed and some garbage the pop star left behind -- but the site was soon plagued by fake Britney's hair auctions, all of which were canceled. The salon owners then set up their own website, buybritneyshair.com , minimum bid $1 million. If it's sold, that'll make it the most expensive hair in the world, trouncing the previous record-holder, John Lennon's hair. Lennon pulled out one of his hairs during a 1964 concert and handed it to a fan, who later sold it to a bidder from Hong Kong for about $5,000. (Of course, that was only one hair, so on a price-per-hair basis, Lennon may still beat Spears.)