One good post on Britney deserves another...And while we're nearing the one week anniversary of the shearing, maybe it's time to deconstruct a bit. These paintings are the work of Dwayne Moser, the LA-based painter and photographer whose work in "Hollywood and Its Discontents" isolates the scenes of salacious celebrity episodes. He photographs the locations sans celebs or transients and then has Warner Bros' studio-lot painters transpose them onto acrylic backdrops.

(Site of George Michael Arrest, 04/07/98)


(Site of Winona Ryder Arrest, 12/14/01)


(Location where Anne Heche was found wandering and incoherent, 8/19/00)

And for his next subject, what do you say the Tarzana streets where "Esther's Haircutting Studio" persists?


Is it just me, or is it no coincidence that Britney sought guidance from a woman named Esther? If there's anyone who'll have your back when you're living in exile...