Spinoff Doctors


With news of a Grey's Anatomy spinoff starring Kate (Dr. Addison Montgomery) Walsh, we're obligated to march out the best and worst of the second-generation series genre

"¢ Everybody knows Cheers begat Frasier. Did you know Cheers also begat The Tortellis, a Dan Hedaya vehicle that co-starred Casey Kasem's wife? It ran for four months in 1987.

"¢ Certain shows had a knack for producing memorable offspring. Happy Days gave birth to Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy and "“ less memorably "“ Joanie Loves Chachi. All in the Family gave us The Jeffersons and Maude "“ which itself gave us Good Times.

Three's Company, on the other hand, was less successful. The Ropers and Three's a Crowd were not good.

Matlock begat Jake and the Fatman begat Diagnosis: Murder.

The Golden Girls led to Empty Nest, which led to Nurses. The Golden Girls also led to The Golden Palace, a spin-off involving Blanche, Rose, Sophia, Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin. I swear I'm not making this up.

There are plenty more examples.

But rather than going on and on about Daria and Family Double Dare, let me pose a question. Are there any characters you wish had been spun off into their own series? Niles Crane? President Santos? Robin Colcord? D.J. Conner? Andy Keaton?