(Edison's Last Breath, as bequeathed to Henry Ford)

There's ample consideration given to the meaningful last zingers of notables, and to the preservation of that final CO2...but here are suggestions from a few science heavyweights on what our first words on Mars should be, via NewMars:

Terry Pratchett
Award-winning science fiction and fantasy author of the bestselling Discworld series

"This time, let's do it right."

Dr. David Brin
Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction author and physicist

"That's one small step for a... what the hell? Who's THAT?"
(followed by static)

"I claim this planet for Disneycorp."

"Oooooh.... diamonds!"

ikkBut really: why not do it right and sic Sergey Brin on this...He was way ahead, even before those pattern extraction papers.