The Smartest Thing I've Heard Today

Jason English

What if you could set up a little booth within Starbucks, then sell the same coffee for 1/5th the price?

That's obviously crazy. But here's the next best thing, courtesy of my co-worker Phil Ramunno's blog "“ offering the same wireless internet service Starbucks sells for $10/day for a lowly $2.

If you live within router distance from a Starbucks "“ and really, who doesn't? "“ the geniuses at FON are making you an offer:

If you live above or next to a Starbucks (or any cafe/coffee shop for that matter!), you are eligible for a free wireless router that will earn you cash from the minute you plug it in. By installing your FON router, you let others share your broadband for a daily fee. A savvy patron of Starbucks need only pay $2 a day for your WiFi. They'd have to be a grande drip to pay the $10 Starbucks charges.

Of that $2, you get half.  I'd imagine that could really add up.  Plus, if you're concerned about privacy or speed, the people at FON say your router has two settings, walling you off from the coffee-drinking elite.

What a country.