Let me tell you about a few good podcasts. Then, if you're so inclined, suggest one of your favorites in the comments section below.

This Week in The Economist. Go back and listen to last week's episode, if only to hear a distinguished British gentleman discussing Anna Nicole's "celebrated, American breasts, engineered by silicon to be as broad and bountiful as the prairie."

Grammar Girl. Because we as a society don't talk enough about punctuation. A recent episode was all about semicolons; I'm almost afraid to use one here.

60-Second Science. Scientific American serves bite-sized helpings of science and technology news. I now know that you can tell a good surgeon by his Madden '07 prowess. Also, napping at work may not be good for your career, but it's great for your health.
tpodcasts.gifOnly in New York. Sam Roberts, metro reporter for The New York Times, tells stories you've probably never heard about the city. I recommend several NYT podcasts "“ Front Page, Most Emailed, Book Review, The Ethicist, and all the op-ed columns (those are subscription only). I almost cut The Times out of this list after they failed to deliver my Saturday paper for the fourth time in seven weeks. But Sam Roberts is not to blame.

Fire off your suggestions.