Born on the 29th of February


This is not a leap year. The following people will have to wait until 2008 to celebrate their actual birthdays:

  • Ja Rule, rapper (February 29, 1976)
  • Dennis Farina, Law & Order actor (February 29, 1944)
  • Bryce Paup, former Bills & Packers linebacker (February 29, 1968)
  • Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker (February 29, 1960)
  • Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush, America's first African-American weather reporter (February 29, 1952)
  • Henrik Sundstorm, Swedish tennis star (February 29, 1964)

And a Happy (it's-not-really-your) Birthday to Pedro Zamora, cast member of the third Real World and AIDS activist born February 29, 1972. Zamora passed away in 1994.

But the most interesting leap year birthday story was that of the Henriksen children. On February 29, 1960, Heidi was born. Four years later to the (leap) day, out popped Olav. And on February 29, 1968, the Henriksens achieved the trifecta with Leif-Martin.

Anyone born on February 29? When do you celebrate in non-leap years?