Living History

Miss Cellania

Historical reenactment is a marriage of education and role-playing games. Those who are involved with reenactment groups are dedicated to promoting an understanding of history. They are eager to teach what they know about the period they portray. And they like to meet and have fun with others who share their interest. There are tons of organizations for just about any period in history.

The Iron Age

Brigantia is an Iron Age Celtic reenactment group in Portsmouth, England. They demonstrate Iron Age (1000BC-43AD) life and warfare for schools, museums, and films, as well as for their own enjoyment.

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If any of these groups have an event scheduled near you, make an effort to attend and take the kids. They will get a taste of living history that will engage them far more than any textbook. See a collection of battle reenactment videos through World War II at YesButNoButYes.