Best of the worst foods ever

Ransom Riggs

I say, if you're gonna break that diet, do it in style. No need to count calories here: you can be certain that any one of the following gastronomic monstrosities will exceed your daily recommended intake of calories (not to mention cholesterol, sodium and various kinds of radioactive waste). So without further ado, we present the gooiest, most absurdly extravagant bad-for-you feasts America has to offer (to which we owe a hearty thanks). Let's start with the most creative concoctions first:

The Luther Burger
Legend has it this Decatur, Georgia specialty was invented by Luther Vandross himself (that is, before he died from complications involving diabetes, hypertension and stroke in 2005). It's a bacon cheeseburger served between two halves of a Krispy Kreme donut.

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