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Weekend Word Wrap: Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies

David K. Israel

This post will feel more like my Book Corner feature, but it's not. It's hard to review a book you haven't read. To be honest, that's partly why I'm posting on Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies "“ hoping the author, June Casagrande, will Google herself soon, spot this unabashed plea for a free copy, and, thankful that I've promoted it to tens of thousands of you faithful Word Wrap readers, will have no choice but to invite me for coffee and autograph a copy to me.

This, though slightly pathetic I'll admit, is totally do-able, seeing as June lives near me and there's a coffee shop every couple blocks in Los Angeles. I'll even pay for the coffee, June. (Interestingly, on her website she states in her bio: "June Casagrande was born in March and lives in a small house." Casagrande, of course, means "big house," a smile-inducing juxtaposition worth pointing out, I thought.)

So again, the book is called Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies and claims to "pierce the grammar snobs' inflated sense of self-importance, using liberal doses of humor." One would imagine there's also a good deal of proper grammar usage tips to be extracted. I say this because June also writes a funny regular column in the Burbank Leader called "A Word Please," and has a weekly feature on her on website called Language Tip of the Week.

So here's to proper grammar, not being meanies, and a delightful-sounding book! Drop us a line dear Ms. BigHouse, don't be shy"¦ we all Google ourselves, right?

Anyone have a funny Googling yourself story to share? Like finding someone with your same name and getting in touch with him/her?