Did You Feel it Too?

Chris Higgins

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I occasionally experience the wimpiest of earthquakes, and they are endlessly entertaining to gossip about with other terrified locals. One night, some months ago, I was reading in bed when...somebody grabbed the bed and started shaking it. Well...a quick trip to the web revealed that I was indeed crazy, and there had been a minor earthquake in the area. Thus began several days of talking about the experience with everyone I could find. (I guess what I really need is an earthquake simulator.  What a conversation-starter.)

Next time you feel the shakes, check out the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program. The web site has live coverage of earthquakes throughout the US and the world, with interactive maps allowing you to drill down to your location. The site also includes daily Earthquake Facts and a Did You Feel It? page, which allows you to report your location and experience.

Also be sure to check out the Top Ten Felt Earthquakes, which includes one of my favorites -- a Magnitude 6 quake in September 2006 centered in the Gulf of Mexico, which was widely reported throughout Florida and even into Georgia and the Carolinas.