What Else Can Cavemen Do? Sitcoms, Apparently

Jason English

I work at an advertising agency. Last month, I was tasked with interviewing potential summer interns. In response to my (hardball) question about what campaigns they enjoyed, several candidates praised GEICO's "So easy, a caveman can do it!" work.

Apparently it's not just college kids who dig those commercials. From the Washington Post:

"ABC said Friday it had ordered a pilot for a comedy, tentatively titled Cavemen, that features the characters used in a series of ads by the insurance company. The potential series features the cavemen as they 'struggle with prejudice on a daily basis as they strive to live the lives of normal thirty-somethings in 2007 Atlanta.'"

So while we're here, let me toss out Three Things I Didn't Know About GEICO.

"¢ According to the New York Post, the actors behind the Cavemen are Ben Weber, who played Skipper on Sex and the City and married Ellie Bartlet on The West Wing; Jeffrey Daniel Phillips; and John Lehr. Lehr's website details the making of a Caveman ad.

"¢ GEICO is an acronym, which stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. Founded in 1936, GEICO began insuring the general public in the 1970s.

"¢ The GEICO Gecko was only scheduled to appear in one ad. But an actors' strike prevented the company from filming spots with people, giving the Gecko a chance to build a following.