How to Tie a Tie


This week, this intrepid blogger is visiting Las Vegas for a wedding (not my own), so I'll be covering topics that come up during the Vegas Wedding Experience. The first thing I realized in preparing for the wedding was that no one in the wedding party knew how to tie a tie. Perhaps this is a mark of my generation, or perhaps we're all just lazy.  (Or perhaps those two things are the same!)
Of course, we all turned to the web to save us. It turns out there are many resources out there for tying ties. The one with the best Google placement is, which includes printable cartoon-style instructions on tying the Windsor, Half-Windsor, Four in Hand, and Pratt Knot. Similar instructions are at a ScoutDB page, including instructions on tying a bow-tie. (There are many more of these sites, including

Even better than the drawings are the various web videos available: How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot and How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot are good places to get started. If you're looking for another style, try YouTube.