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The Brightest Light in the World

Chris Higgins

Continuing in my week of Las Vegas Wedding posts, I thought I'd comment on some oddities of our hotel -- the Luxor -- which has an Ancient Egypt theme (the building is a pyramid). The most interesting item to me is at the top of the hotel: the tip of the pyramid emits the brightest beam of light in the world (according to Wikipedia, the beam's 41.5-gigacendla light is visible from 275 miles away -- I can attest that you can definitely see it while lost on the strip in Las Vegas). The people designing the guest rooms appear not to have gotten the memo, though, as the brightest light in my room is 60 watts.

Other Luxor notable (?) features: a standing engagement by Carrot Top and an appearance in the Will Smith Video Gettin' Jiggy Wit It.