Continuing my week of Las Vegas Wedding posts, let's take a look at the Valley of Fire, about 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. A popular spot for TV commercials, it also played host to a wedding I attended. It's very scenic. Here's one of the red rocks that give the valley its name:

It's really hard to take a bad photo in the place. The valley is also the setting for an annual marathon, contains a number of petroglyphs, and has a bunch of these little guys (who we thought was a pika, but apparently he's an "antelope ground squirrel"):

Valley of Fire - Ground Squirrel

But the wedding party knew something else was familiar about the Valley of Fire. And of course, Wikipedia to the rescue, it's the setting for the part of Star Trek: Generations where Kirk battles Soran, with tragic results:

Star Trek Generations - Kirk and  Soran

Read more about the Valley of Fire, if you dare.