Carhenge. Burn some diesel, and then some sage. Alliance, Nebraska on a Summer Solstice eve is where you'll want to be. And when construction is done, you'll be able to swing by the visitors center, too--to get your updates on the next solstice bash and the annual Stone Soup Supper.

In 1987, Jim Reinders wanted to find a unique way to honor his late father, Herman Reinders, who farmed on the land where Carhenge now stands. rutuHis 38-car tribute circle measures 96 feet in diameter--the arch cars are welded in place, and all are spray painted gray. My friends swear that one visit will trigger a major spiritual chrysalis (anybody else?) and since there's a better chance of me getting to the High Plains rather than the Salisbury Plain, I'll try to keep this June 21st open...Might as well loop down to see the Cadillac Ranch and then up to the Cars on a Spike.