On Brad Delp, 1951-2007

Jason English

Boston lead singer Brad Delp passed away on Friday. As a tribute, here's a little Delp and Boston trivia.

  • He bought his first guitar after seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • Since 1994, he's been in a Beatles tribute band named Beatlejuice.
  • Before he joined the band, Delp was manufacturing heating coils in a Mr. Coffee plant.
  • Boston's debut album (Boston) sold 17 million copies.
  • Guitarist/producer/musical genius Tom Scholz was a graduate of M.I.T. working for Polaroid when he started the band. He designed his own equipment after becoming frustrated with the limitations of music technology.
  • Before the death of Delp, there was talk of a new Boston studio album and tour.
  • The band's last live performance with Delp featured former quarterback Doug Flutie on drums (at a benefit concert last November).

Back in college, my roommate and I had a short-lived but memorable run picking and playing an Album of the Day. We'd play this album on repeat for as long as we could take it. Boston's debut album was ours as well. I'd expect every classic rock station in the country will have "More Than A Feeling," "Peace of Mind," "Long Time," "Don't Look Back" and "Amanda" in heavy rotation this week. Though I guess they do this every week anyway.