Masters of Suspensions

Jason English

For his vicious hit on Ryan Hollweg, Chris Simon of the New York Islanders was suspended an NHL-record twenty-five games on Sunday. This bests the twenty-three games Marty McSorley was punished for taking his stick to the head of Donald Brashear. Gordie Dwyer received an equivalent suspension for abusing officials/leaving the penalty box/fighting in 2000.

In the NFL last season, Tennesee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth received a five-game suspension for stepping on the head of an opponent. I should mention the opponent was not wearing a helmet, and Haynesworth was wearing cleats. That was a record punishment for on-field conduct.

In the NBA, Ron Artest's eighty-five game suspension in 2004-05 is best-in-class. He earned this distinction for fighting with fans in Detroit.

In baseball, Pete Rose "“ later banned for life for gambling "“ took thirty games off in 1988 for shoving an umpire. In 1977, Lenny Randle punched his manager in the face and also got thirty games.

Let's take this out of the sports world. Anyone have any anecdotes about suspensions in their office or organization? Five days for parking in your boss' spot? Thirty days for polluting the water cooler?