Trippy slo-mo fun

Ransom Riggs

It's true: everything seems weirder in slow-motion. Now that video technology is making it easier for semi-average Joes to make slo-mo movies (you can't just pick up a 1,000-fps film camera at Rent-a-Center), some fun new clips are starting to circulate the web that aren't just your laboratory-based, run-of-the-mill bullet-piercing-watermelon or droplet-falling-into-pool type films. For instance:

Slo-mo flying dogs

Slo-mo water balloon hits kid

Slo-mo face slap

Slo-mo Home Depot
... part of a social experiment conducted by an improv group in 2004, which about 250 people (slowly) participated in. Which just goes to show that even fake slo-mo is trippy.