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Everybody's pillow fighting

Ransom Riggs

It all started in one of the most proper -- and some might say repressed -- cities in Europe: London. Hundreds of people assembled in London's gray banking district, standing quietly holding mysterious lumps encased in plastic. Then, at a pre-ordained time, they all whipped out pillows and commenced thrashing one another silly. The trend caught on, and soon public pillow-fights were being organized via internet in cities across Europe and the US, like this one last year in San Francisco:

Pillow Fight Club, as they are known in the UK, takes its cues from the movie Fight Club's famous line, "The first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club". The first rule of Pillow Fight Club? "Tell everyone." Fights have been organized just for fun, to challenge Guinness Book world records, and to provide a counterpoint to the urban malaise that seems to settle over people on cold holidays like Valentine's Day (especially the dateless). We have yet to hear of a pillow fight in a cornfield or a deserted highway; if any of you do, let us know! Better yet -- if anyone's been to one of these, share your experiences!