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Lay down your weekday armor, then lay down some commas...


If you need, on some level, to be praised in bold fonts today, check out this grammar quiz, penned by language maven Lynne Truss. If you're wrong, she ferries you politely forward without any reprimand (reinforcing the shame).
And if you're in the mood for a spunkier quiz, here's one to try with your evil twin. Your twin status aside, if you love grammar & have aced all the quizzes, treat yourself to a highball at the Gramercy (often misspelled "Grammercy") Tavern. If you can't throw back without a good reason, I can think of two occasions: the first Saturday in May, Gramercy Park Day, or September 24th, National Punctuation Day (and bday of our lovely, perturbed F. Scott Fitzgerald).