It's Baseball Season 2007: Hats Off!


As another baseball season gets underway, I thought I'd let you all in on a very important change this year: NEW CAPS! Yes, after more than half a century, MLB has decided to introduce a new cap called the 59FIFTY. Originally, in the 1800s, baseball caps were made of straw and were quite boxy. The six-panel version we're used to these days was introduced way back in 1954 and was made mostly of wool.

But the 59FIFTY is going to be much different. Here are 5 things you need to know, edited right from the source:

  1. Less wool is cool -- The 59FIFTY game cap is 100 percent polyester. This is a massive change in baseball tradition, during which wool has been the rule practically forever.
  2. Moisture and vapor management -- For the 59FIFTY game cap, moisture management takes moisture and wicks it away from the skin and moves it into the fabric. The fabric accepts the moisture and accelerates drying, keeping the player cooler and dryer. When it rains, the hats won't stink like the wool ones did
  3. Fewer balls lost in the sun -- The new undervisor for these caps is made of New Era performance fabric that also carries moisture-wicking properties -- and now it is black across the board, a change to assist in reducing glare.
  4. One of the biggest changes between the 2006 and 2007 seasons might be the Diamondbacks' cap. It's not just these revolutionary advances in the cap's technology. The new look features a Sedona red rattlesnake coiled around in the shape of a "D" against a black cap.
  5. As for more subtle changes, look for a more raised MLB "batterman" embroidered logo on the back and a black sweatband that hides the dirt.