Equinox Eve Plans?


So now that we're old hands at getting up an hour early, we should have no problem heralding (ok, maybe for some of us just intellectually) spring. Although it's been years since I attended a proper Wiccan potluck, I've noticed a few other rite-heavy events circulating. If you're tabling your sage for some other occasion, or if it would take too long to polish your chalice, maybe you should consider walking over hot coals. I did a fire walk back in 2004 when my friends and I crashed a prom on the Jersey Shore--the beats were lame, so we shuffled one banquet room over and joined the beatific masses who'd gathered for a chiropractic convention. An overhead projector prepped us with some AA-derivative mantras, and before I could say subluxation I was in the Radisson parking lot watching an understudy rake a brief landing strip of burning coals. I'll have to admit: there's nothing like it. If you're ready for the walk, or if it's been awhile, you might want to glean some inspiration from the avatar of fire walking, Amanda Dennison--she's 25, an identical twin, and holds the Guinness World Record for walking over 220 feet of burning hot coals. And for when you're ready, here's a list of places to walk, places that'll bring the walk to you, and places that'll stamp you ready to host a walk.