Scheduled to open to the public next week, the Grand Canyon Skywalk juts improbably from the Canyon's lip, reaching 70 feet out into the void. (Well, it's not exactly a void, but being that it would take 15 seconds to fall from the Skywalk to the Canyon floor 4,000 feet below, it may as well be.) Commissioned by the Hualapai Indian tribe, Skywalk is that rare Indian attraction that's not gambling-related -- unless you consider braving the 90-mph winds that whip upward from the Canyon gambling with your life. No other bridge in the world withstands that kind of force, though this transparent feat of engineering is designed to safely sustain the weight 700 hefty men at a time. If peering over a 400-story drop isn't pants-peeingly scary enough for you, the tribe has plans to ferry visitors along the bottom of the walk in a modified maintenance car. Nooooo, thank you -- not on this blogger's itinerary.