Go Outside and Play Video Games

Jason English

After a recent cold spell across the Middle Atlantic states, today's high of 59 feels like summer "“ too nice to stay indoors.

You know what would be fun today? Tennis. No, not actual tennis. I don't have the kind of patience required to chase a little green ball around my local public court.

Or a racquet.

No, my sport of choice is Wii Tennis. And thanks to the guys at Tom's Hardware, we now live in a world where a solar- powered Wii is possible. This video shows the construction process, plus testing at the Venice Boardwalk. Fully charged, the Solar Wii runs for eight hours. Time to give my Mii a headband and take this outside.

From Trendhunter, via TreeHugger, with a tip from office-mate David Castillo, whose blog is not yet live. Patience, people.