Y'all may remember some exceedingly funny movies we posted a few months back, in an ersatz retrospective of the Los Angeles-based Channel101.com. Now, Channel 101 founder Dan Harmon has gone from bitter TV reject (he co-created the canceled-before-it-aired-but-nevertheless-cult-classic pilot Heatvision and Jack) to getting a second shot. It's called Acceptable.tv and it airs on VH1 tonight. The premise is more or less identical to that of Channel 101 -- regular joes create short TV "pilots" that are voted on, and the winners are "picked up" for more episodes -- only in the Acceptable incarnation, the winners are shown on VH1.

Below is a sample of an Acceptable pilot, which Dan made himself, an hilarious and pitch-perfect parody of today's most ridiculous competition reality shows called My Black Friend.