Witty Lectures Presented by John Hodgman

Chris Higgins

Continuing in my recent string of podcast tips, here's another classic: Little Gray Books. Although it's not currently being updated, the podcast features recordings from the Little Gray Books lecture series in New York. The lectures have been staged periodically since 2001, covering a wide variety of interesting and bizarre topics:

  • Lecture #2: Hints on Public Singing
  • Lecture #4: How Can We Possibly Go On
  • Lecture #12: Great Rivalries in American Spelling
  • Lecture #14: How to Speak With Strangers

Unfortunately the podcast only has a smattering of the total lecture series, but boy are they good. You can download the episodes individually (I recommend How to Generate a Winning Character as a good starting place). Also useful: iTunes podcast subscription link.

A note for fans -- Little Gray Books is presented by John Hodgman, best known as the PC in the new Apple ads (he actually uses a Mac), and as the Resident Expert on The Daily Show.