People love Peeps! The marshmallow chicks and bunnys (and other characters for other holidays) are made by Just Born to fill Easter baskets. But Peeps are not just for eating. You can make them dance or fight, experiment with them, take them on trips, and use them for decoration or pranks. Recreating miniature scenes from life, pop culture, literature, and movies is the area where Peeps really shine!

Am I horrible for laughing at this one? The Day The Marshmallow Died: a plane crash kills Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Peeper. It's from Great Scenes in Rock and Roll History, as re-enacted by marshmallow peeps.

Lord of the Peeps takes us through many chapters of the Rings Trilogy, portrayed by Peeps.

Peeps in Movies has some wonderful peep scenes from a 2005 competition, including Monty Peepon. There are also links to previous year's contest entries.

More Peeps on parade, after the jump.


This scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an entry in the York Daily Record 2007 Peeps diorama contest. You can see other contestants in this gallery.

Another entry for the Daily Record, We Come In Peeps was recently featured on Boing Boing.

Spudart featured this rendition of Peeply Field, the Home of the Chicago Peeps, which won a local contest. You can see it from different angles at the site.

Child Fun has ideas for Easter Peep crafts kids can make and enjoy, such as the Easter Basket Cake and Edible Easter Jewelry.

Peter (who doesn't like Peeps) came to work on his birthday and found his entire office covered in Peeps! The Peeps stayed up for a couple of years, including these on the ceiling.

Some people love Peeps so much, they eat them before any projects are completed. Others swear that they taste better after six months. Some can't stand the taste at all, but will use them for other purposes. How do you feel about Peeps?