Live from the Bus

Jason English

What should I write about today?

This question is part of my morning routine. Between taking out the dog and hopping in the shower, I search my favorite sites for an answer. Potentially blog-worthy material is carefully arranged in new Firefox tabs, which I will read and evaluate during my commute. I had some good stuff this morning.

But Firefox quit unexpectedly so now I'm screwed. Well, not so much screwed. Just unable to give a trivia slant to the news of the day. Conceivably, these tabs could be reopened once I get to work and internet connectivity is restored. But it's a busy morning. We're going to have to wing it, live from the bus.

I guess I could tell you about my fellow travelers. One lady called her financial services provider to activate a credit card, which violates the strict no cell phone rule. I was not compelled to complain. The woman beside me is reading every word I type. I find this incredibly awkward.

(She just read the last sentence and is now staring out the window. That was fun. I'd say more but her eyes will surely wander back.)

Nobody else is doing anything particularly notable today. This is trivia in the worst sense of the word.

It's not always this banal. I've seen some magic on this bus. Here are three examples.

If you have any more interesting stories about commuting, go ahead and leave them here.