Today's Word Wrap keeps on with our tradition of bringing you the hippest, most happening new words and phrases being coined, as they're coined... well, okay, with at least a 5-second delay.

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  • shoefiti (shoo.FEE.tee) n. One or more pairs of shoes tied together by the laces and dangling from a powerline or other type of overhead wire. (Citations)
  • newpeat n. A repeat that is slightly different from the original. (Citations)
  • climate porn n. Extreme or alarmist language or images used to describe the current or future effects of man-made climate change. Also: climate pornography. (Citations)
  • photolurker n. A person who obsessively and anonymously browses strangers' photos posted to online photo-sharing sites.
    —photolurking pp. (Citations)
  • bitcom n. A short, sitcom-style video available over the Internet. (Citations)
  • celeblog n. A blog written by a celebrity; a blog devoted to a particular celebrity or to celebrity news and gossip. Also: celeb blog. —celeblogger, celeb blogger n. (Citations)
  • carnography (kar.NOG.ruh.fee) n. Writings, films, images, or other materials that contain scenes of carnage or other types of violence. [Blend of carnage and pornography.] Also: carno (cf. porno). (Citations)