Chiron, Heal Thyself...Safely Away From Earth


The planetoid Chiron has fascinated me for years--about as long as I started noticing its annoying presence on any astrological chart I'd get. "Chiron is the wounded healer," every report would say. "It shows where your deepest wounds are." But its placement in my chart isn't exactly unique--Chiron will be in Taurus for anyone born within six years of my birth year (which means, if you're interested, money issues). Named after the centaur in Greek mythology who could heal everyone but himself (and who, in some versions, sat the bench in Hades so Prometheus could have another go), Chiron has been freaking people out since 1977. Charles Kowal discovered the Kuiper Belt renegade, and further research has shown that Chiron runs in a pack of asteroids named the Centaurs; this group of highly unstable bodies orbits our outer planets, and will eventually be sloughed off by the gravitational fields of one of the four gas giants...Just hopefully not toward Earth. That's a job best left to the Apollo asteroids (aka the NEAs--Near Earth Asteroids). Until then, I recommend everyone who's got Chiron in Taurus meet up at Meteor Crater to burn some sage over our credit reports.