Men Who Knit


Or maybe it's just the Midwest? The Detroit News covered this a while back, and found some men who stand tall with their yarn:

Edmund Neumaier, 40, a registered nurse working night shifts in the emergency room at Henry Ford Bi-County Hospital in Warren, taught himself to knit as a stress reliever 20 years ago. But his interest has grown in it as an artistic expression. He recently bought two spinning wheels, costing $600 and $800, to make his own yarn. "I've become a yarn snob," Neumaier said. "I think that's the male side of knitting. Of course, you have to have the best tools. It's a guy thing too to collect all the right equipment.

I know that while I don't knit (I never made it past all those latch hook rugs thrust on kids in the 80s) I really do want to...But I absolutely wouldn't veto the manliness of a yarn-obsessed dude who could sublimate his passion into a very fine baby alpaca jumper.