Your Wrestling Fix

Jason English

When I was eight-years-old, my favorite TV show, toys, cassette tape, shirt, and belt accessory were all produced by the WWF. While my support for professional wrestling evaporated in middle school, I still get a kick out of classic wrestling from the 1980s. And because Wrestlemania was last weekend, here's a little nostalgia.

WWF World Heavyweight Champions (1983-1990)

Bob Backlund (1978-1983)

The Iron Shiek (December 26, 1983 "“ January 23, 1984)

Hulk Hogan (January 23, 1984 "“ February 5, 1988)

Andre The Giant (February 5, 1988. According to Wikipedia, Andre surrendered the title to Ted DiBiase, and the WWF declared the title vacant until a tournament held at Wrestlemania IV.)

Randy "Macho Man" Savage (March 27, 1988 "“ April 2, 1989)

Hulk Hogan (April 2, 1989 - April 1, 1990)

The Ultimate Warrior (April 1, 1990 "“ January 19, 1991)

And here are a few videos:

"¢ The best Mean Gene Okerlund interviews
"¢ Pivotal episodes of Piper's Pit
"¢ Classic grudge matches of the 1980s

This concludes your nostalgic wrestling fix. If you were not in need of fixing, I apologize.