As someone who's moving tomorrow (and doesn't particularly want to) because my landlord is selling my house (just like he said he wouldn't) it's hard not to crack a smile at this ... even though it's very bad. A disgruntled tenant in Seattle is suspected of posting an ad on Craigslist inviting the general public to take anything and everything they wanted from her unlocked apartment, which she had just been evicted from. That they did: even though the ad was only up for an hour before Craigslisters flagged and removed it, by the end of the day the place was bare down to its studs; the water heater disappeared, carpeting had been pulled up, the kitchen sink had been removed and even the front door had been pulled off its hinges. Police aren't sure what to do about it, or if a crime has even been committed. If it is, they say, it's a civil, not a criminal case. Not that I'm tempted to do such a thing myself, by any means. But incidents like this demonstrate the awesome power of Craig.