Leatherbacks in the Land of Darwin


If you're sick of racing snapping turtles in your driveway, you might want to consider attending (or "attending") The Great Turtle Race, April 16th-29th; sponsorship & donation proceeds will benefit leatherback conservation. Eleven very intrepid leatherback turtles will be pitted against each other in the crawl from Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands (their feeding grounds & Darwin's muse)--it's kind of like a reptile Amazing Race, and the casting is killer. Here's Genevieve, one of the contenders:

"If it were possible to burn rubber underwater, this would be the turtle to do it. She's revved up and ready to roll. A probable run-in with a shark left her with a large circular hole in her front flipper, but she'd just say it makes her more hydrodynamic. She's back on the circuit after a break from nesting at Las Baulas National Park and her return has the other competitors buzzing."

Cheer on your favorite at the race headquarters.