JetBlue Lands A Punch

Jason English

Nobody ever said, "The vendor and/or consultant is always right."

After the February JetBlue debacle, where thousands of passengers were stranded for days, a lot of public relations agencies called to offer unsolicited advice. Director of communications Jenny Dervin told PR Week where this advice could be shoved:

"JetBlue corporate communications does not have a PR agency-of-record, nor do we ever intend on getting one. Those agencies that felt the need to contact our CEO and the corporate communications department directly, telling us exactly what we were doing wrong, were not helpful, and they are all going to go on a special list that I'm going to share with my colleagues in the PR industry, encouraging them never to do business with those companies."

Ripping the PR industry is itself a great PR move. Then again, had I been stranded on the tarmac for the better part of February, I'm not sure this would assuage me.