Bad Elf


RPGs have caused a lot of upset before--gamers are an easy target, surely--but if games get in the wrong (and perhaps improperly medicated?) hands, they get in the wrong hands. Recently, a robbery was committed in the (quasi) name of Shadowrun, a popular urban fantasy RPG:

Robert Boyd, 45, from Broadlands in Carrickfergus, held up staff at the Orchid shop in Belfast disguised in a wig, hat and glasses. He told the court he had been in a role-playing game at the time and may have blurred reality and fantasy.

In his defence, Boyd claimed that due to pressures that he was suffering in his work and marriage and his indulgence in a role-playing game called "Shadow Run", he thought he may have been playing the part of criminal elf Buho when he threatened the lone female shop owner at knifepoint after asking for a discount.