The Human Clock

Chris Higgins

On the heels of yesterday's Yugo Nakamura Appreciation Day featuring interesting online clocks, I thought I'd share my favorite online timepiece: The Human Clockâ„¢ (view the clock here).

The Human Clock features photos for every minute of the day containing (sometimes obscure) references to the current time. The photos are sent in by clock viewers, and there are many photos available for each minute of the day -- below the main photo, you can click on other photos from around the world.

But it doesn't stop with clever photos of the current time -- geeks are encouraged to check out the site's new Atari 2600 Webserver, Tandy Model 100 Webserver, and Webserver Maintenance page (the "servers" are led through a weekly yoga session). Funny stuff.

Of general interest is The Ruby Show, an ongoing conversation that began via the clock -- contributors started sending in photos for various times of day and embedding messages to each other. A long, but interesting read.