Is Your Baby Smarter Than A 5th Grader?


We have smart readers. It stands to reason some of you are raising smart kids.

I've come for parental advice. Not for me "“ not yet, at least. My wife and I have our hands full with the dog right now. But a friend of mine is a month away from becoming a father. We threw him a baby shower last week, and our co-workers with kids shared their wisdom. This was my favorite, courtesy of my friend Chris:

"I stopped giving advice when I realized how annoying it is when people give you advice on what to do with your kid. My advice is to not listen to other people. Oh, and stay away from those growth chart things that tell you how normal your kid is. Unless you plan on selling them on the black-market there is really not much need to compare your infant to national averages. Especially when you think about how fat other people are...."

So, what are you doing to raise well-behaved, curious, intelligent kids?