Welcome, or something like that.


Once upon a time, just about all doormats came in three varieties. There were plain mats, mats that said "welcome", and the fancy kind that had your family name on it. Now, you have ways to welcome people to your door that make a statement about who you are.

This mat is too clever by half. Especially if your name is really Matthew.

Perfect for a computer geek, this doormat says "There's No Place Like" which is, of course, home.

435_MFmatnoplacelike.jpg /

To you, this may appear as a nice but boring pattern on a doormat. To a geek, it spells out "welcome" in binary language. It's an inside joke that will amuse you as you wait outside.

435_binary_mat.jpg /

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Another twist on the inside joke comes from the Navy. This doormat spells out a message in Navy flag code, but it doesn't say welcome. It says "Wipe your feet!" Which would actually be a more useful message, IF you understood it.

MFNavyMat.jpg /

If you are a geek, but your guests aren't, consider the old-fashioned "welcome" with a twist. Here's an electro-luminescent doormat complete with motion sensor that triggers the word to light up when someone is detected. They'll either smile or run screaming for the hills.

MFwelcome.jpg /

To take that idea a bit further, how about an animated Space Invaders doormat that runs on AA batteries and uses flat panel LEDs? Too cool.

435_MFmatSpaceInv.jpg /

The outdoorsman with this doormat makes it clear that he might not be home for a particular reason.

435_MFmatfish.JPG /

You might make your visitors a little nervous with this one, or else they'll just laugh, like I did!

MFmatniceunderwear.jpg /

I once labeled this "the best doormat ever". A perfect gift for some of my more, um, adventurous neighbors.

MFWarrant.jpg /

This versatile doormat can be positioned to tell visitors how you feel on any particular day. Do you want them to "come in" or "go away"?

MFdoormatgoaway.jpg /

A hostage situation printed on a doormat means you'll open the door to smiling guests.

MFdogmat.jpg /
MFtoni.jpeg /

I haven't been able to make my mind up which I like best, but with two young children, I should just get one that says, "Wipe Your Feet!"