Image Macros: "Invisible" LOL Cats

Chris Higgins

Yesterday we introduced you to LOL Cats, today it's time to dig deeper. It's hard to create a firm timeline of how these images evolved, but it appears that one of these two images created a subgenre of LOL Cats, which I refer to as "Invisible" LOL Cats:

Invisible Bike
Invisible Bike /

More "Invisible" LOL Cats after the jump.

Invisible Harmonica
Invisible Harmonica /
Invisible Accordion
Invisible Accordion /
Invisible Piano
Invisible Piano /
Invisible Pogo Stick
Invisible Pogo Stick /
Invisible Shopping Cart
Invisible Shopping Cart /
Invisible Bike - Almost Ran Over You
Invisible Bike - Almost Ran Over You /
Invisible Bike Crash
Invisible Bike Crash /

Check out more "Invisible LOL Cats" at I Can Has Cheezburger. (Warning: a few images have potentially offensive text in them.) Tomorrow: yet more LOL Cats!

UPDATE: By popular demand, see the ultimate "Invisible" image: "Invisible Everything" (from I Can Has Cheezburger).

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