LOL Cats: I Can Has Cheezburger


Over the past few days, we've shown you several flavors of LOL Cats. Today's focus, the famous "I Can Has Cheezburger?" LOL Cats (the premiere LOL Cats blog is named for this image). The cheezburger cats appear to have started with this guy:

Check out many variations and responses to the original cheezburger cat after the jump.

Note how these cats display extreme grammar and spelling issues. What does this mean? I can only assume that LOL Cats haven't finished grade school yet.

No You Can't Has Cheezburger
No You Can't Has Cheezburger /
No More Cheeseburgers
No More Cheeseburgers /
OMG! /

Look, a LOL Dog!

I Prolly Can't Has Cheezburger
I Prolly Can't Has Cheezburger /
Ew...Dis Not Cheezburgerz
Ew...Dis Not Cheezburgerz /

More Cheezburger Cats at the eponymous I Can Has Cheezburger blog.

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