What are the 57 Varieties of Heinz?


To determine the 57 Varieties of Heinz, I opened my fridge.

1. Ketchup.
2. Dill Pickles.

I could not find a third. Not a great start.

But this is a question, I learned, that many others have asked before me. There are (about) 181,000 Google results for a "what are the 57 varieties of heinz" search.

Here's what the Heinz.com FAQs used to say, according to Yahoo! Answers:

Our corporate history tells us that in 1896, Henry John Heinz noticed an advertisement for "21 styles of shoes." He decided that his own products were not styles, but varieties. Although there were many more than 57 foods in production at the time, because the numbers "5" and "7" held a special significance for him and his wife, he adopted the slogan "57 Varieties."

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